About Us

What is Mineral Water Project Information ?

It is a division of Joy Web Services Pvt. Ltd.

Mineral Water Project Information has its Office at Pune, India. The parent company has Digital Marketing Services, Consultancy & Training as its another vertical. Since one of the directors, Mr. Soumitra Mohan Ghotikar, is a Mechanical Engineer and has a previous huge experience behind him in the field of Mineral Water Machinery & Plant setup, the company started this website.

The Intention of this Website

The intention of this website is to offer proper Training, Consultancy and Consultancy Services to the entrepreneurs who are willing to start new ventures in the field of Water. It includes Packaged Drinking Water, Water ATMs, Domestic Water Purifiers, Waste Water Consultancy &  so on.

The Experience

The people who are associated with our enterprise are having huge experience in this field from last 25-30 years. Having supplied more than 150 Mineral Water projects all over the country & a few abroad, we thoroughly know the ins and outs of this business and wish to train the entrepreneur in such a way that he creates a perfect profit making enterprise.

Mineral Water Project Information website is existing since 2011 and conducts various trainings since 2013. Initially started with all Digital Training Courses, the company started offering Live Training to cover complete Idea to Actualization training from 2015 onwards. At Present (2018 July), we have trained more than 1000 entrepreneurs, out of which many are the recent success stories having started their own empires.

The Team

Mr. Soumitra Ghotikar

Mechanical Engineer himself, who has been a machinery specialist, looks after the Trainings, Content Creation, Policy making & Overall Direction of the Company. He is backed up by a team of content creators, front line sales personnel & other office bearers.

Mr. Ajay Kulkarni

Chemical Engineer , who is a Water Treatment Expert, looks after Project Execution.He is backed up by a team of Project Engineers, Supervisors & Actual field Technicians.

Ms. Gauri Talathi

Environment Consultant, who looks after the Water Treatment Plant Design & Liaison matters. She is backed up by engineers, supervisors & field staff.

The Vision

Our vision is to create clean, hygienic and still profit making Profit Making Water based enterprises serving Good, Clean, Healthy water to the society.

Achievements So Far

We have a great number of Entrepreneurs who have spoken some good words about us. We value them on top of all other achievements. You can check all of them on the “Reviews & Testimonials” page.

Way Forward

We are now all set to launch our further Trainings & Services for RO technicians through which they can start & run their Water Based Businesses successfully.