5 Mistakes you can avoid in your Mineral Water Plant Business

1. Not doing proper market research:-

Here, I do not exactly mean that you should hire some agency like Research markets & projects, but what I mean is just go out in your thought-out area of operation, I mean the area where you have decided to SELL your water. Go to outlets, ask them what is the rate they buy at, from whom do they buy, what schemes the supplier offers, many many things. In fact this is the best place for doing your market research

2. Not Deciding the product mix properly:-

People randomly go for product mix. Typically they may say : “I want bottles,jars, pouches” or can say “ I just want pouches”. Whereas if you do the proper market research stated in point no.(1), you will come to know exactly what your product mix will consist of and hence with the help of that, you can select the machinery and their capacities in your mineral water plant.

e.g. If you decide to operate within city-limits, you will observe that the 20 Ltr Jars are more in demand. Hence better to go for that initially.

Or, if you start in Gujarat, pouches are very popular, so it’s a must there.

In south Maharashtra, pouches are not at all acceptable, so Bottles remain the main product.

3. Not properly deciding the Land, Building Size, Machinery etc:-

Here , maximum people do mistakes. They go either by their emotion or some of their Well (?) wishers. Instead if they approach a right Turn-Key Supplier here and take his advise it’s better. This process will also complete your initial sourcing of the right supplier of your turnkey mineral water plant. You can read this article specially on how to select such a supplier

4. Not doing Plant Layout properly:-

The layout is a very very important thing. Why so? It actually gives you a picture as to how much space has to be allocated, where, which are the machines, how much space should be left out for utilities etc.

I suggest you DO NOT just make it for the sake of submitting to authorities, but also get involved in the process. Again consult your turnkey supplier to guide you. Very important consideration will be the BIS.

5. No execution Plan available:-

Maximum people DO NOT DO any planning properly. What they feel is that the turnkey supplier will do everything. Look, this is YOUR business, which YOU are going to establish. True, it is the turnkey supplier’s business also, but supplying the plant is his business, in which he is established. You should only deal with an experienced, established supplier only.

And even then, you should have a corresponding officer at your end [from beginning] . Best if YOU personally can do that. But even he also needs certain things like :-

(a)  A place to operate from

(b)  Computer with Internet Connection

(c)  Computer knowledge [minimum]

(d)  Proper tools.

Then only he can be a good coordinator, otherwise, no.

I have seen most failures at this point.

You can have a look at an execution plan here, which will help you step-by-step.

I suggest you take care and avoid these mistakes which will definitely help you run your mineral water plant to its full efficiency.


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  1. Sir, i m interested for doing this bussines
    Pls guide me how to build the water plant
    Nd about its total cost..

    1. Dear Shanti,

      You can either Join an Info Session at Pune on 23-7-16 which is a LIVE full day training Session or an Online Session on 30-7-16. Both info you can find here

  2. I m also intrested in this sector of bussiness so plz provide full detailed information

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