Information about Mineral Water Plants

Mineral Water Plant, which is often referred as, in fact , it is nothing but a Bottled Water Plant. Bottled Water is also called as Packaged Drinking Water in India as per the B.I.S. , Bureau of Indian Standards. The B.I.S. is the Govt Organization , which issues I.S.I. Numbers to the Bottled Water Plants (Packaged Drinking Water Plants). You can read more about what is the scope of the B.I.S. License on this page . 


Can You Operate a Mineral Water Plant without ISI ?

No, legally, no. But as you know, many illegal practices are happening in the market; of course BIS is strict enough to take timely actions. You can read some posts about this over here 

Difference between Mineral Water & Packaged Drinking Water

As per the BIS, there are 2 Waters :

  • Packaged Natural Mineral Water (Source is Direct Nature Source like a spring) , other is
  • Packaged Drinking water other than Packaged Natural Mineral Water. Usually this is Borewell (The Source).

We cover various things like how to search the BIS site, How to search operative Licences, Where to apply etc during our Live Trainings , Please check next event & reserve your seat in advance.

Cost for Setting up a Mineral Water Plant

We have covered this information through a special page called Plant Cost  However , if you attend the Live Training, we do conduct a Live Session , in which , participants are trained how to arrive at the cost.

You can prepare yourself through a Home Study Course also

If you can’t wait till the Live Session, or can’t travel this distance; there is another way. You can buy the Home Study Course as well. Already bought by more than 400 people; it’s a great resource. Moreover, once you buy, you keep on getting lifetime updates for Free !


Packaged Drinking Water Plant Step By Step Home Study Training CoursePackaged Drinking Water Plant Home Study Training Course

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Which Version to Buy ?

Usually, we recommend you to buy the Certificate Version; as it has 4 modules, in which the whole course is distributed , each module has questions & you are required to answer those. This actually prepares you for the Project. In addition you also get a certificate which adds as an added qualification for many purposes.

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Want to Hire Mineral Water Project Consultancy straight ?

No issues. We also have this option. Just provide us with your Exact Plant Capacity & Water Report. Or we also have a service to conduct Water Testing & Pre Plant Survey.


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